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Benefit Cosmetics

Our role

  • In-house training and workshops for the digital, PR and influencer teams



  • To provide a concise summary of all the relevant UK and US regulations relating to influencer marketing (CAP, CMA, FTC)

  • To outline the role of the regulators and their relevance to influencers in the beauty/cosmetics sector

  • To audit the client’s current/ongoing campaigns and identify non-compliant advertising

  • To check influencer contracts

  • To use case-studies (including ASA investigations, CMA actions, current Benefit campaigns) to demonstrate how/when/where to place disclosures


  • Up-to-date knowledge of current advertising regulations across teams

  • Contracts with clear guidelines on disclosure

  • ASA/CMA/FTC compliant influencer campaigns

Time taken

  • 18 months


Lauren Spearman, Head of Brand Advocacy,

[Digital Manager, Benefit Cosmetics]

Rupa has been a pleasure to work with over the past 18 months. Rupa's knowledge is vast, with no question too big or small. We worked with Rupa to ensure we were adhering to ASA guidelines and Rupa will be the first person I go to for a 'can I just check...? question.

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