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Our role

  • to provide an expert opinion on influencer marketing regulations at an influencer event, Authenticity and Regulations

  • to edit a blog on influencer transparency

  • to review and edit client’s Influencer Guide



  • Expert panellist: Authenticity and Regulations with Stance (6/12/2018)

  • Review and edit blog on brand partnerships

  • Review and edit Freestak Influencer Guide for compliance with ASA and CMA regulations


  • Successful influencer community event with expert opinion provided on ASA and CMA regimes

  • Educational blog on compliant disclosure published to coincide with CMA announcement

  • Concise, up-to-date and informative Influencer Guide with relevant UK rules on disclosure

Time taken

  • 1 week


Georgia Brookes, Account Manager


Rupa provided invaluable support in getting our whole team and influencer community up to speed on ASA and CMA regulations.


Her expertise on our community meet up panel provided influencers with clear and interesting advice on staying compliant.


She reviewed our guidance which is part of all our campaign briefs, ensuring both us, our community and our clients understand how to create great content that meets compliance regulations.


Additionally she was a great personal help to me, talking through specific questions I had about the different roles of the various bodies, as well as proofing our blog post which provides advice for clients and community.


I am grateful for her work and am sure we will work together again.


Her LinkedIn videos are my favourite way to stay up to date on regulations and rulings.

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