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We work with you from the campaign conception to ensure you stay within CAP guidelines, prevent complaints, avoid rulings and protect your reputation.


In-house disclosure workshops


Gather your team and we'll teach them what, when and how to disclose. 


Need a bespoke session on a particular ad sector or topic? Affiliate links, eg? No problem, we'll design the perfect workshop for you. 

Need check-lists and "how-2" guides to pass on to your influencers? Yes, we'll do that too.

Email and telephone support

We offer retainer packages for added ongoing security and peace of mind. Perfect if you want a quick answer on an individual post or general and/or ongoing advice on a particular campaign.

Promotional marketing

We can provide checklists for influencer-promoted prize draws, competitions and promotions. We'll draft and/or check your Ts & Cs, and provide guidance on judging methods, prize allocations etc.

Contract advice & updates

Unsure if your influencer contracts clearly explain the regulatory rules on disclosure? We can assess and redraft them with the latest ASA, CMA and FTC guidelines.

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