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We offer audits of all of your social media channels so that you can be sure that you're ASA compliant across all channels and campaigns. 


Influencer Legal 101 is an online course for content creators who are serious about professionalising and monetising their channels. It is ideal for up-and-coming influencers who are looking to move away from low value free gift relationships with small companies, to long-term paid collaborations with large reputable brands, but want to feel confident in the contracts that they sign, that they are disclosing correctly and aren't breaking any laws.


Find out more on our brand new Thinkific e-course page here

Bronze Audit

A single one-off scan of your social media channels to check you're disclosing correctly and compliantly.

Silver Audit

A monthly scan of your social media channels to check you're continuing to disclose correctly.
Minimum 6 months.
Gold Audit

A regular weekly scan of all your social media channels plus telephone and email support.
Minimum 12 weeks.


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